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LEPC In The Community

The Greater Baytown Area LEPC participates in many public outreach events throughout the year.  Educating the citizens of our community on the importance of and how to properly prepare for emergencies is our main objective.  Please stop by and say hi if you see us out at an event.

Greater Baytown Area LEPC Representatives Connie Tilton, Robert Marquez and Tony Irby accepted The Excellence In Emergency Management award on behalf of the LEPC for the "Stuff Happens" Campaign the Public Education Committee developed and released. Pictured here with EMAT President Jamie Galloway.
Nature Fest.jpg
Baytown Nurture Nature Festival: David Alamia, Casey Carranza and Misty Bridges participated in the City of Baytown's Nurture Nature Festival in October.  With education and preparedness at the forefront, attendees received preparedness bags with first aid kits, fan/flashlight combos, sealable document bags and preparedness information.
National Preparedness Month.JPG
LEPC Committee Members received a proclamation on August 24, 2023 at City Hall designation September as National Preparedness Month.
Drill 2.jpg
The LEPC hosted our first ever Cyber Security Exercise on October 20, 2023.  There were multiple agencies and facilities in attendance for the exercise.
Drill 1.jpg
Matt Trail, former Planning Committee Chair, speaking to the group to get the day started.  Matt and his committee spent months planning the drill and an outside agency, The Response Group, was brought in to facilitate.
LEPC, through grant funding, was able to put together over 200 Shelter in place kits to be handed out to the local schools to assist in keeping our campuses safe.  Items in the backpacks include hand crank flashlight radios, plastic sheeting, first aid kits, towels and much more.
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